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More than 40 years experience in quarries and mines.

All the quarries use static & dynamic weighing systems to drive their installations, controlling on line the quality of the aggregates they produce and accurately measuring the quantity of end-products they deliver to their customers.



Precia Molen, as a long-established manufacturer of weighbridges, used its knowledge of minerals process to continuously extend the range of equipment it develops to serve the aggregates industry as belt scales, volumetric & gravimetric belt feeders, slide gates, on-board scale, and associated software for truck weigh-in/out, scales supervision, blending management and performance survey.




mining and quarries weighing solutions-2

Computerized flow management (software)

  Weighbridges and input/output management software: Truckflow


Blending line software: Datablend


PERFORMANCE  Quarries performance analysis software: Performance

Production and storage in quarries

FX - Twin belt scales  Process Scale



belt weigher TAB  Totalization Scale



laboratory scales  Qualitative analysis: laboratory scales



MDG discharge gate  Blending line: Motorized discharge gate and associated controllers and software


Loading and expedition


MDG discharge gate  Dosing slide gate



Volumetric weight-based belt extractor VBE / WBE  Belt extraction



belt scales  Belt weighing



conveyors continuous weighing  Load-out weighing

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