PRECIA MOLEN will present at SITEVI its solutions for wine sector.

Stand Hall A1 F 038

From 26 to 28 of November 2013, Montpellier – FRANCE

PRECIA MOLEN’s solutions ensure the overall management of the harvest contents. The weighing and analysis of those contents, whatever their mode is, are the necessary first step. This solution provides the data that subsequently point the product to the adequate wine storage tank.

The check weighing after the packing of the product follows up the quality control on a production simple or 100% on a batch of the products. These solutions combine the automation, for piloting the filling platform and the wine storage tanks, and computing for the traceability of inputs and supervision of the winery.

CKW 400, Checkweigher for BIB (Bag in Box) weighing

Packing of the wine is continually evolving.  The Bag in Box (BIB) attracting more and more of consumers, represents up to 27% of sales of still wine in supermarkets. BIB conditioners must carry out inspections to meet the regulatory requirements of pre-packaged products. PRECIA MOLEN designed a version of the CKW 400 Checkweigher, especially for this activity. It provides:

Check weight at 100% of production.

Detection and treatment of non-compliant.

The enslavement of upstream filling machine.


PRECIA MOLEN is also Service, quality and responsiveness

With more than 300 service engineers in France spread over 42 sites, PRECIA MOLEN SERVICE now offers complete services and interventions in a timely manner with the guarantee of regulatory compliance. Most of the PRECIA MOLEN SERVICES are ISO 9001 certified for Calibration of weighing instruments and standard weights, static measurement of volumes (COFRAC certification). Manufacture and adjustment of weighing instruments (according to LNE certifications). PRECIA MOLEN SERVICE provide as well a technical advice on weighing machines and system.