Výklopná váha ABS-XL

The full electronic ABS-XL is a sturdily constructed, very reliable and accurate scale, easy to install and to maintain, with a minimum building height and floor space.


Video of Precia Molen Hopper scale ABS XL


The ABS-xl can be supplied in a stainless steel version and/or in a Self Checking Scale (SCS) version, incorporating a second fully electronic weighing system as a replacement for the conventional mechanical Check Scale Device.

Special developed dedicated hopper scale control equipment is available, such as the Mascon-ABS. To facilitate management of plants with multiple hopper scale control the PRECIA-MOLEN Tentac System offers solutions for central scale control and data handling.

For the stringent trade weighing legislation, the ABS-xl (with its instrumentation) meets and exceeds the O.I.M.L. recommendations for automatic discontinuous totalizing hopper scales (R107/class0.2) Static accuracy <<0.1% (as class III).

The scale is suitable for inside installation. Standard temperature range -10°C and +40°C. Special temperature ranges on request.

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