• Volumetrisches Dosieren

    • Dosierbandwaage/Dosierschieber TD

      Modular construction (hot galvanised) composed of two lateral guides with spacers...

    • Dosierbandwaage XKV/XKP

      A belt extractor, in hot galvanized steel, with braced frame consisting of: A smooth rubber belt, totally vulcanized, with abrasionresistant coating. The belt characteristics are modified according to the nature of the materials to be extracted...

  • Gravimetrisches Dosieren

    • Dosierbandwaage Md Mini

      The MD mini weigh belt feeder performs bulk product continuous dosing operations. This dosing infrastructure ensures simultaneously the extraction and the weighing of all gravity rolling products. The MD has been especially designed for use in agro-industry, food industry and chemistry activity sectors...

    • Dosierwaage PEP

      The PEP structure is a frame on which are mounted 3 strain gauge load cells. A receiving hopper rests on the load cells whose outlet is fitted with a dosing extractor comprising a flat based mechanical agitator with either a dosing coil (of ECS type) or dosing screw (ECV type), and a variable speed geared motor.

    • Dosierbandwaage WBF

      The WBF weigh belt feeder allows ensuring the continuous bulk product dosing.