Schaltschrank BIWIN

The BIWIN is a modern weighbridge driver console which forms part of a weighing management system. It has an integral
“fanless” industrial PC running under Windows XP®.
It enables weighing operations to be carried out without the need for an operator and features automatic identification and
printing systems.
The BIWIN has a robust design to provide reliable operation in the harshest of environments. It can operate stand alone or as part of a multi-console networked system.

  • Easy and safe to use
  • Fully protected against climatic conditions
  • Easy access to internal components (maintenance and consumable replacement).

The BIWIN driver console is available with standard applications developed by Precia-Molen:

  • Stand alone version,
  • Slave version connected to a TCP/IP network running under Microsoft

It can also be used for specific customer applications, which can include:
A multilingual interface,
an onboard client / server SQL base,
an FTP server for file transfers,
a connection for remote maintenance/support.

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