Kontrollsäule CA-400

The CA-400 (Kontrollsäule) access control terminal enables opening a barrier or a doorway upon presentation of a contact-free badge. It integrates a graphic display, an RFID reader, digital Inputs/Outputs, an Ethernet link.
The Ethernet link in TCP/IP mode enables a master system to manage vehicle accesses to any site that is likely to have a controlled Input/Output service.
Besides, PRECIA MOLEN offers its PCS-LAN software, an access control PC software, coupled or not with the weighing. The CA-400 access control terminal is the perfect tool for on-site access management for Cars (C), Lorries (L) or C/L.


Functional characteristics of Kontrollsäule CA-400

  • Display of customised messages (Show Badge, Authorised Badge, Refused Badge, Exceeded Quota, Saturated Site…).
  • Sending of events towards the hosting system (Use of numbered badges).
  • Activation of configured outputs by the hosting system, for example:

• Activation of a horn in case of a professional badge (corporate),
• Opening of a barrier.

  • The access control (TCP/IP address) is configured using a PC keyboard connected in the cabinet.
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