Kontrollwaage CKW 710

The checkweighers ( Kontrollwaage CKW 710) combine robustness and reliability. They meet the specific needs of all activity sectors. They meet all the present demands for high-speed, high-accuracy dynamic weighing for all activity sectors, especially the food industry.


The ergonomics of its interface offers maximum flexibility and ease of use.
The CKW 710 range offers a wide choice of models with 3 to 6 kg capacities, 200 to 400 mm belt width and 300 to 600 mm belt length. It offers numerous options to meet your application requirements namely: sorting, batch management, multiple ejectors, metal particle detector, statistics software, etc.


General characteristics


  • Structure: 304 stainless steel
  •  17″ touch screen
  •  Operating system: Windows XP Embedded
  •  Rubber belts.





  • Product management compliant with European legislation on pre-packaged items
  • 100% production control
  • Unlimited number of PLUs
  • Sorting areas: 6 per item
  • Production follow-up real-time dashboard
  • Metal detector monitoring
  • Edition of reports
  • Graphical statistics
  • Traceability data exportation under Excel
  • Connections on the Ethernet network
  • Connection to the client’s ERP
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