Puente-báscula ROC V4

Designed for all vehicle weighing applications, the ROC weighbridge is a concrete weighbridge meeting the dimension of your project thanks to its five standard elements. Its modular design in factory-cast structured concrete offers many benefits:

  • Installation conditions: on ground or low pit with extremely simplified prior civil engineering work.
  • Installation lead times:
    • all elements delivered in one single truck (18 m),
    • 24 hours, initial checking included,
    • without anchorage nor pit frame.
  • Conditions of operation:
    • passage in all directions thanks to a modern design and 2 axes stops,
    • galvanised steel inspection hatches for functional devices (load cells, stops, junction box),
    • easy to relocate and reinstall.
  •  Long lifetime: resistance to corrosion, shocks, overloads and vibrations.

The ROC weighbridge is fitted with analog or digital compression load cells, ensuring best use of the digital chain (simplified adjustment, interchangeability, reliability).
The maximal load supported by the ROC weighbridge depends on the distribution of the load per vehicle axle.

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