Crane scales MCW

PRECIA-MOLEN offers a range of simple and reliable stainless steel crane scales. They are protected against dust and water according to index IP 65, and can be used equally well indoors and outdoors.
The range is composed of different models varying from 150 to 6 500 kg for Trade Use (ML) and from150 kg to 25 000 kg for Non-Trade Use (HML)


  • Function mode configurable as follows:
    – PEAK function (maximum value read)
    – HOLD function (block weight display)
    – Accumulated weighing total
    – Conversion lb/kg
  • Remote control:
    – 4 standard keys configurable by the customer
    – Distance : 8 m
  • Seal battery with almost 40 hours endurance
  • Configuration, calibration, digital filter and automatic stop programmable directly on the keypad or by remote control
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