Hopper scale ABS XL

The ABS-XL hopper scale is designed for process weighing of dry granulous products which flow well, such as cereals.


Video of Precia Molen Hopper Scale ABS XL
Together with the I 400 ABS instrumentation system, the hopper scale acts as a discontinuous totaliser with non-constant batch weighing.
Its simple and yet solid design makes for easy installation and maintenance.
The ABS-XL hopper scale comprises two main parts:


• A feed section which must be fitted under the product feed upper bin.
This section is equipped with one, two or three feed gates depending on the model.
• A weigh hopper supported by four load cells fitted on a rectangular frame.
This metal frame is supported by the floor or the support frame.
The weigh hopper is equipped with one, two or three discharge gates depending on the model.
The weigh hopper can also be placed on eight load cells if the SCS system is used*.
In this case, the hopper scale is equipped with two sets of load cells (2 x 4 load cells).
The second measuring channel (slave channel) with four load cells is used to compare the results for the first measuring channel (master channel).
This system can identify if one or more load cells have drifted, and therefore reduced weighing accuracy.
The aim of the SCS system is to constantly guarantee the accuracy of the hopper scale.
The weighing cycle is managed by the I 400 ABS system, which controls the feed and discharge gates, via an electropneumatic control.

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