Multi-station infrastructure scale TAB

The TAB Multi-station infrastructure scale model was designed for weighing bulk products in the extractive, mineral, cement, fertilizer or phosphates production, agri-industry, sugar refinery, timber, recycling industry market sectors and other activities using belt conveyors.
The TAB scale can be installed in a new conveyor or can easily replace at least two roller stations of an existing conveyor. This weighing infrastructure can be equipped with more than two roller stations in order to obtain the expected accuracy.
Combined with PRECIA MOLEN I 400 BS electronics, it can be used to carry out commercial transactions in the following regulatory accuracy classes:


The TAB Multi-station infrastructure scale consists of several elements:
• 1 rigid fabricated steel lower chassis to be installed as replacement for existing roller stations.

• 1 suspended chassis consisting of an assembly of two side rails and at least two trough roller stations, thus forming a multi-station weighing table.

• 4 strain gauge sensors with their environment. The weighing table suspended assembly allows eliminating the mechanical constraints that disturb the weight measurement in a flanged-formed type assembly.

• 4 ties serve to stabilize the weighing table with respect to the fixed frame. This device also allows to install the scale on an inclined conveyor.

• 6 screws built into in each weighing station allow adjusting the height of the rollers and their fine alignment with respect to the upstream and downstream stations. This device allows carrying out a real weighing plan and eliminate measuring disturbances related to banding.

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