Weight indicator i 30

With selectable interface between the measurement chain and the management system, the i 30 weight indicator has multiple connections to the industrial PCs on the market and remote weight displays, in accordance with the legal metrology aspects.

Its power allows it to supply up to 18 PRECIA MOLEN product line analog or digital load cells, thus allowing it to manage very long bridges.

With the 300,000 records on Data Storage Device (DSD) as standard equipment, it controls two weighbridge incoming and outgoing traffic lights locally. The i 30 indicator is the ideal tool for a decentralized weighing system in constant communication with the PCSLAN application (optional), or any other client’s application.

Digital weighbridge on PMNet field bus and with management microcomputer.


The indicator’s metrological and functional settings can be made:
– Via the indicator’s front panel;
– Via PC and internet browser.
Parameter backup / restore on SD card or PC.

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