Weight indicator for process applications – i 40Ex 2-22

The i 40 Ex 2-22 weight indicator is especially suitable for process weighing and integrates easily into any industrial process requiring weight measurement.
– In accordance with directive 94/9/CE, this indicator may be installed in a area that is dangerous due to risks related to the presence of dust (area 22) and/or of gases (area 2).
– Various connectivity options enable direct connection of the i 40 Ex 2-22 indicator to most PLCs and industrial PCs.


• RS232/RS485 configurable port.

• Protocols: Slave RTU Modbus, PM A+ slave and PM A+ master repeater.


Weight thresholds
• 4 digital outputs 30 V AC/DC – 100 mA galvanically isolated.

• Gross weight or net weight threshold definition.

• Output activated if the current weight is >= or <= threshold value.

• Thresholds on a positive or negative weight value.

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