PM Australia to celebrate first year of operation!

PRECIA MOLEN Group’s subsidiary in Australia, located in Sydney, is celebrating its first year of operation. Incorporated in January 2013, the company is accompanying some of the Group’s historical end users in the region as well as international engineering companies specialised in the extractive industry.1an

PRECIA MOLEN Australia is gaining new market shares in the Australian weighing industry, in particular with sales of continuous weighing equipment to several quarries and grain facilities. PM Australia is also supporting food industry, with its new i20 IP69K indicator. In Australia, the firm is targeting the mining and quarrying sectors, as well as food, wine and grain.


australiePRECIA MOLEN metrology experts and the Australia team are working with the NMI (National Measurement Institute of Australia) to approve their systems. The I 400 indicator has been approved on August 2013 and the ASL load cell on May 2013.

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