Taking the right bus: yes we CAN!

A few words about a long-thought technical choice

It all started with the development of the I 400 range with a modular-structured design and a distributed architecture that implied implementing a network.


A comparative study of all market solutions led us to choosing the CAN bus.

The CAN bus has originally been developed for automotive applications.

Anti-pollution regulations, users’ safety and comfort requirement cause a constant increase in the functions of vehicles and a need for information sharing and exchange between the various systems.



  • CAN is integrated in numerous microcontrollers with a low implementation cost.
  • The mechanisms that secure the integrity of data transfer are integrated to the hardware (automatic re-interrogation/retransmission process).
  • Along with its layered software, CANOpen is a complete field bus.


As for instruments designed for regulated use, the encoding of data exchanged on the network allows for de-connecting/reconnecting modules without sealing breakages.

This possibility has been used for the scales integrated to postal offices.

These instruments are made up of 3 interconnected modules:

  • A transmitter.
  • A digital display designed for the post employee, attached to the scale.
  • A remote graphic display designed for the customer, set onto the counter, which is the main instrument display. This display can be connected during the installation to ease wiring operations.