The fruiterer Compagnie des Fruits Mûrs has adopted PRECIA MOLEN

The fruiterer Compagnie des Fruits Mûrs has adopted PRECIA MOLEN weighing solutions to reinforce the performance and fluidity of its logistic chain


A subsidiary of the Grand Frais group, La Compagnie des Fruits Mûrs specialises in ripening, conditioning and processing in the stone fruits sector (peach, apricot, pear…). The creation of a ripening installation at Saint Rambert d’Albon (Drome) in 2012 gave rise to a review of the weighing infrastructure; with nearly 50,000 pallets weighed every year the weighing solutions must be fairly strong to bear the heavy loads and incessant passage of trucks. After a call for tenders, PRECIA MOLEN was selected for the quality of its technical response and the technologies proposed.


This consisted of weighing the whole truck with the pallets, so considerably reducing the “fork actions” on entering and leaving and allowed automation of weighing data processing. Since their implementation in 2013, the four legal metrology weighbridges from PRECIA MOLEN, combined with the new i20 indicator, have allowed La Compagnie des Fruits Mûrs to optimise its whole logistic chain, easing weighing operations and making large savings.

Intensive use of weighing equipment

La Compagnie des Fruits Mûrs’ activity consists of advancing the maturity of the fruits so as to deliver a good quality ripe product to the Grand Frais brand sales points. Every year over 18,000 tonnes of fruits are weighed at all stages of the logistic chain, from arrival to departure of the pallets. Subject to intensive use, the weighing equipment must combine robustness and reliability.

Traditionally, pallet weighing operations needed different manoeuvres. The pallet was unloaded from the lorry then placed on a truck to be taken onto the scales. The technician deposited the pallet there, backed his truck away, weighed the pallet, then reloaded the pallet onto the truck to take it to the conditioning chamber.
This operation, called a “fork task”, could take up to 4 minutes per pallet, which represented a cost of between 2 and 4 euros.

Once out of the conditioning chamber fruits were weighed again because under the effect of natural evaporation they could lose up to 20% of their weight, or nearly 30 kg per pallet.

The results of weighings were noted by hand on labels stuck to the pallets and manually entered into the software. A weighing solution allowing automation of weighing operations and data processing was imperative.

An automated weighing operation

Now the number of stages is limited due to the integration of pit weighbridges. Combined with an i20 indicator, they are installed in the Shipping and Reception station.

The technician moves onto the scale to weigh the forklift truck and the pallet of fruits, the weight of the technician and truck being pre-recorded, they are then deducted from the results. It is no longer necessary to deposit the pallets, which has allowed the duration to be reduced to 1 minute!

A high strength industrial load cell (10t), with frame, the PRECIA MOLEN scale selected by La Compagnie des Fruits Mûrs is specially designed for intensive use and to withstand overloads.

fruits-3The technician merely scans the pallets bar code to identify it and the bar code of the scale used for the weighing.
Through its numerous communication options the i20 indicator has allowed problem free integration of the weighing results into La Compagnie des Fruits Mûrs’ business software.

Designed and manufactured in France, the range of indicators from PRECIA MOLEN, the industrial and commercial weighing specialist, aims at ambitious targets: offering a high level of performance and advanced functions for an excellent quality/price ration, a unique design thought through for user friendliness, whilst limiting the impact on the environment. The i20 indicator has all the functions for weighing, +/- counting, formulation and calculation. The design of its box combines robustness, waterproofing and easy cleaning.

“Since their implementation last April, the PRECIA MOLEN solutions have made themselves very discreet, we can concentrate on our core business” comments Sylvain Monteux, Managing Director of La Compagnie des Fruits Mûrs.