Stainless steel platform scale R4 LPW

When a day of production is completed in the agro-food industry, the premises do not remain unoccupied for as much.

The cleaning crews are involved for many hours in order to ensure the absence of bacteriological infection sites.


The weighing is an inescapable working tool, and handles 100% of product flows whether they are bare or packaged.

The scales and other weighing machines are in this regard on the front line when the detergent and disinfectant solutions come into action: nothing should therefore be left to chance in the design and implementation phases of this equipment.


Lack of retention areas, use of stainless steel for 100% of the optional production, protection plates and lift system: all the recommendations of the EHEDG certification have been taken into account at the design stage.


The technology controlled by PM allows today to make platforms of a few tens of millimetres thick, accessible to rolling loads by very short ramps.

Simply placed on the ground, they are easily cleanable tools and likely to meet the most stringent hygienic requirements.

The R4 LPW low profile platform scale

The latest of dedicated products for the agri-food industries – but also pharmaceutical and cosmetics – put on the market by PM, the R4 LPW platform scale gathers all the characteristics expected by the industries in these sectors:

Fully made of ASI 304 stainless steel, Ra 4µm

Useful Dimensions Clearance Height
800X800mm 35mm
1000X800mm 35mm
1250X1000mm 45mm
1500X1500mm 45mm

Capacities: From 300kg to 1500kg, 3000 divisions


  • Polishing Ra 0.8µm
  • Securing plates
  • Access ramp
  • Lower protection panel
  • Lifting system assisted by cylinders


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