I 410 Cabinet For bulk weighing or dosing applications

The cabinet is made up of a full, per-drilled back panel that allows fastening several electronic components depending on the selected application.
It also has a swivelling inside door. This door hosts:

  • a panel-mounted I 410 terminal,
  • a waterproof USB stick support,
  • a metal sheet pre-cutting that enables mounting a P140 printer available as an option.

The I 410 terminal can be either equipped of an Azerty or Qwerty digital or alphanumeric keyboard. The outside door that is fitted with a lock and transparent window displays the data that appear onto the screen of the I 410 terminal.
It encloses an internal 24 V DC power supply. The lower sheet includes 6 glands that allow the passage of 6 to 12-mm diameter cables. The cable shield connections are ensured by a dedicated grounding bar.
The cabinet can be easily powered off using the switch on its outer left part.


This cabinet is particularly adapted to use in harsh conditions. Its IP 65 water sealing and glazed door efficiently protect the instruments that are fastened on the back panel and the inside door.


This product suits all the following activity sectors:
• extraction industry (ores, aggregates, coal …),
• mineral industry (phosphate, fertilizers, cement …),
• agribusiness (cereals, bagasse, sugar …),
• chemical industry (salts, PVC, detergents …),
• wood industry, biomass, recycling, crushing…

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