Trapă de dozare – Dozator

Trapă de dozare – Dozator. Modular construction (hot galvanised) composed of two lateral guides with spacers; there is an attachment flange near the top for the connection.
The feed box is fitted with two water drain grills with an output chute near the botton. On the sides, closing plate drive device through industrial chains and gears installed on a shaft driven by a geared motor.

The seal is made using skirts

  • Material presence sensor
  • Limit switch
  • Safety device
  • Connection box

Applications :

  • Feed regulation doors placed under silos, hoppers, tunnels, ect…, can be used to control the required product flow (dry or wet aggregates, non-liquefying powder product).
  • Volumetric or weight feed regulators should be used for products that flow with difficulty and for low flows of small size gradings.
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