• Weighbridge Software

    • Weighbridge weighing software I410 WMU

      The WMU Weighbridge weighing software ensures the management of any vehicle (road or railway) that requires weighing carried material. WMU helps managing up to 3 weighbridges (2 physical weighbridge and 1 summation bridge) with different capacities/divisions that combine accuracy and maximum capacity...


    • Truck dumpers - VS-T / EVS-T

      Meant for unloading bulk commodities , truck dumpers have become extremely popular and useful . Large quantities of bulk commodities can be unloaded rapidly and reliable as for example at grain terminals and silo installations.

  • Road, rail and road-rail Weighbridges

    • Weighbridge C85 HSDS

      The C85 HSDS is a high-resistance low-profile above-ground weighbridge, fitted with a single-block concrete platform, that is designed to meet several or non-standard application requirements. It is highly robust and adapts to major dimensions...

    • On-site poured concrete weighbridge VS 600 CS

      The VS 600 CS is a high-resistance kit concrete weighbridge to mount on site, with a concrete platform that has been designed to meet severe application requirements. The highly robust VS 600 CS is available with two capacities: 60 t and 80 t and two lengths 16 m and 18* m...

    • Weighbridge - VS-200 CS VS-200 CS/P

      PRECIA-MOLEN’s hard won reputation for innovation and sharp focused product engineering are clearly seen in the VS-200, a totally modular weighbridge system utilizing a minimum of material in its construction, yet providing a maximum carrying capacity. Purpose designed to meet the critical requirements of most vehicle weighing applications,..

    • Weighbridge ROC V4

      Designed for all vehicle weighing applications, the ROC weighbridge is a concrete weighbridge meeting the dimension of your project thanks to its five standard elements. Its modular design in factory-cast structured concrete offers many benefits...

    • Wheels Weighscale WWS

      Wheels Weighscale WWS platforms can be connected to a single indicator to produce portable vehicle weighing systems (low profile weighing platforms).