Precia molenWeighing Scale Mobile Applications

Weighing Scale Mobile Applications

Track your production and transfer relevant information from your balances and scales directly to your smartphone in real time!


Advantages of our weighing applications:

  • Stay connected to your weighing instruments, wherever you are
  • Benefit from multi-site management
  • Centralize and simplify your weighing management in real time

Connected Weighing

Whether you need to manage your scales remotely or your operation requires the management of scales on different production sites, Precia Molen has application solutions to simplify your work.

Accessible directly from a smartphone, our applications allow you to track your weighing operations in real time and record, send and monitor the status of your weighing instruments remotely.

Remote management of weighing instruments

Our connected weighing application Weigh2control allows you to remotely manage all the functions of your PRECIA MOLEN weighing tools equipped with a Wifi or Bluetooth connection.

It facilitates day-to-day operation and fosters comfort, productivity and safety, whatever your business.

For example, an operator no longer needs to leave their workstation to weigh, tare or record weights; and a baker can adapt the interface to their needs by implementing voice control or visual and audible signals corresponding to the different actions requested (tare, record, print, export, etc.).

Whether for counting, checking, standard weighing or animal weighing, Weigh2control simplifies your day-to-day operations.

Multi-site monitoring wherever you are

The Weigh2flow application keeps you connected to your production facilities equipped with real-time belt scales, wherever you are.

This allows you to track the throughput of your conveyors and all production data from your belt weighing instruments.

Multi-site management allows you to apply filters and focus on data for a specific production site or scale.

In the event of an anomaly, you can quickly identify it and take action, minimizing the impact on production.

Our apps are available on Google Play and the App store for Android devices or IOS smartphones and tablets. They are free of charge and non-binding.

Precia Molen also offers numerous weighing software packages designed to simplify weighing activities.

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