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PRECIA MOLEN designs and manufactures sells and maintains systems and solutions of industrial and commercial static weighing and of continuous weighing and dosing equipment. Main clients are heavy industries (mines, quarries, steel, environment, energy…) and light industries (food, chemicals, transportation, and logistics…) and also public sectors (posts, local authorities…).


From design to after-sales service, PRECIA-MOLEN is able to provide total weighing solutions for all businesses.Precia Molen is present in 42 countries, with 22 commercial subsidiaries and a large network of selling agents. It has nine production plants (France, The Netherlands, India, the United Kingdom, Morocco, Australia, Poland and Lithuania) and three assembly sites (Brazil, USA, Malaysia). The Group pursues a large research and innovation program, and has been granted an “Innovating Company” status by French authority Oseo.

Precia Molen is listed on NYSE Euronext’s C compartment in Paris

(code ISIN FR0000060832 – Mnemo: PREC).



The shareholding of the group Precia Molen is historically structured around the Escharavil family, mainly via Group Escharavil, its holding company.



Our members  promote  business growth in the best interests of the Company and all of its Shareholders, while assuming and controlling risks, and ensuring their implementation.

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