Precia molenInnovation and R&D vision

Innovation and R&D vision

In an expanding world marked by digital, technological, and industrial revolutions, it is becoming essential to adapt and innovate at all levels of our business.

At PRECIA MOLEN, our strength of innovation is focused on one goal: meeting your current needs and those of tomorrow, through the research and development of new weighing and data analysis solutions.



PRECIA MOLEN involves all its employees in the innovation process from product design to production.

Innovation at PRECIA MOLEN is a key element of our strategy. It involves:

  • Sharing resources, skills, and know-how within the various company departments and subsidiaries.
  • Information dissemination relating to projects undertaken by each department via an internal newsletter.
  • Fostering employee innovation by allocating self-training and research time. Each employee is free to investigate and bring forward new solutions.
  • Frequent employees training on new tools and practices in their field.

Our goal: promote the group’s transition to an industry 4.0 today, to meet your needs of tomorrow.

Innovation a human-driven approach, illustration


To prepare for the future of the group, PRECIA MOLEN is investing in creating new connected weighing solutions, software and data analysis applications that will meet our customers’ needs.

We are investigating new growth and value creation opportunities in our business sectors and in new fields, to build our offer of tomorrow. The PRECIA MOLEN Group rises to the challenge of responding to environmental changes and to its customers’ expectations by adopting an economic and sustainable development approach.

Today, it is no longer enough to rely on the performance of existing products. In a rapidly shifting world, technical and technological developments are constantly changing our daily lives. We constantly need to renew, modernize, and reinvent our solutions to create new offers in line with our customers’ changing needs.

In this perspective, an innovation unit has been created within the Precia Molen group. It is comprised of people from the Marketing, R&D, and IT departments. This multidisciplinary team brings forward the advent of innovative products and services through a user-centric approach and customer feedback. We allocate an ever-growing budget to this innovation unit.



PRECIA MOLEN has always played the innovation card by devoting a large amount of its turnover to Research and Development. The Group has a constantly growing team that works on new product design responding to innovative architectures, as well as the development of custom-made software and products.

Our R&D teams not only develop ever more efficient, accurate and rugged solutions, but also strive to integrate technological innovations for real-time operation monitoring and preventive maintenance implementation.


Custom solutions towards an industry 4.0

With its Customer Projects department, which is dedicated to adapting standard products to the requirements and infrastructures of its customers, the PRECIA MOLEN Group is committed to providing custom-made solutions. Every problem has a solution, and we are here to find it together.

For example, we have integrated automatic weighing and identification systems that allow a real-time update of complex and diverse food preparations stocks. It is thus possible to inform customers with precision about delivery times and to orient production lines with greater agility.

R&D at the heart of innovation

Innovation to enhance preventive maintenance

By integrating temperature, inclination, and acceleration measurements into our sensors, we provide you with real-time monitoring of abuses related to sensors surrounding. These data allow us to inform you about risky uses (shock, overload) to preserve your installations.


Innovative application solutions

The PRECIA MOLEN Group develops ever more innovative application solutions to stay connected to your production sites and weighing solutions.

Weigh2flow, the new application to track all your production data. You can monitor up to 20 belt scales across your production sites from your smartphone, tablet, or PC and thus detect anomalies for quick response.


Weigh2control, the connected weighing application to manage your weighing tools remotely. Weigh, tare, and control your measuring instruments from your smartphone, tablet, or PC. The gain in productivity, comfort, and safety. Thanks to Weigh2control centralize, save, print, and export your weighing data.



Innovation at PRECIA MOLEN is anticipating tomorrows’ problems while offering the appropriate solutions for today’s customers’ needs.

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