Precia molenEthics and social responsibility

Ethics and social responsibility

PRECIA MOLEN has always worked to build a lasting relationship based on trust with its partners and employees. The company acts according to ethical principles and in favor of professional integration.



The ethical approach we have adopted has always been set in our rules and has enabled us to build an immaculate reputation. This approach to our business is not only essential for our suppliers, customers, and future colleagues – it is also an effective competitiveness factor. Our customers, investors, employees, and all other stakeholders want to work with companies with spotless reputations, proven by their conduct and commitment.


Our anti-corruption program applies to each PRECIA Group employee, regardless of their title or position, in order to ensure that we comply with the strictest requirements as regards business practices in our sector. It sets out the norms all PRECIA Group employees must comply within their daily tasks and relations with others, through an Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct and an Ethics Charter.


In all circumstances and without exception, the provisions set out to fight against corruption and influence peddling, as well as the provisions promoting our ethics, apply to all PRECIA Group employees, suppliers, partners, agents, and third parties. They must also comply with these provisions whenever they deal with us or on our behalf.



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PRECIA MOLEN Group meeting 2019

Moreover, PRECIA Group complies with and adheres to the following in its everyday activities:

  • The principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights dated 1948;
  • The principles of the International Labour Organisation;
  • The OECD guidelines

In this way, each person will help establish a safe, productive, successful and serene work environment.




Together for Sustainability (TfS) is a member-driven initiative, raising CSR standards throughout the chemical industry.

Through TfS Audits, their members measure the Management, Environmental, Health & Safety, Labour & Human Rights, and Governance performance of their suppliers.

In June 2023, Precia Molen reached a score of 190/200, showing its commitment to sustainability.






The PRECIA MOLEN Group is committed to the employment and professional integration of disabled workers, while promoting values ​​such as trust, cohesion and solidarity.

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