Precia molenAcquisition of Shering Weighing Limited

Acquisition of Shering Weighing Limited

September 18, 2014

Precia-Molen has just completed the 100% acquisition of Shering Weighing Limited who are based in Dunfermline, Fife in the UK.   Shering Weighing are one of the most renowned weighbridge manufacturing companies in the UK and were founded in 1946. The company enjoy a large client base gained over many years comprising both product sales and maintenance contracts in both export and domestic markets. This success is based on the provision of high quality products and a successful management team. It is anticipated that Shering’s annual turnover in 2014 will be in excess of £3 million.   Shering Weighing Limited will be integrated into the UK operations of Precia-Molen from 8th August.   This acquisition will enable the Group to operate a local and efficient manufacturing base to serve the UK market place and provide the opportunity to introduce a wide range of Precia-Molen products to an existing client base.

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