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Dimensioning Weighing Scanning

From the logistics MasterData to the end customer, via the information chain of the entire Supply Chain, Precia Molen offers a range for logistics data acquisition and for calculating volumetric weight. For shipments, these products will also allow you to know your shipping costs and preserve your margins.

Advantages of the DWS solution

  • Easy to use, no need for advanced training
  • Better productivity with fewer data entry errors
  • Easier communication between WMS and TMS
  • Plug and play technology

There is often little communication between the Warehouse Management System and the Transport Management System despite the globalization of exchanges. Linking the two will allow you to optimize your costs, facilitate the work of your operators and monitor the product quality, while optimizing space and storage.

Why DWS? For Dimensioning, Weighing and Scanning, the essential aspects of MasterData, throughout the supply chain.

Solutions for reception – MasterData

Regardless of the items, packages or unit packaging, Master Data is the nexus of a warehouse automation project. It includes identification, weight, photos, attributes (fragile, stackable) and dimension of an object like length width. These elements are essential for good product monitoring. To retrieve all this data, we offer three efficient solutions that will boost your productivity: the Master Data Quanta software to centralize the data, the CubeTape digital tape measure and the KHT MultiScan solution for optimal productivity gains. You will then have to ship your packages and choose between weight and volumetric weight (also called dimensional weight).

Masterdata Logistics tools are essential to have reliable data that can be used by your WMS or ERP. Make the most of your warehouse facilities by using Masterdata Logistics solutions. Digitalise your supply chain and be able to define the final packaging (thus optimising order preparation and shipments).

What is the volumetric weight?

The supply chain is undergoing a transformation since the COVID-19 period. Now, when you send a package, the weight is no longer automatically taken into account for the calculation of your shipping costs. Instead, the volumetric weight may be favored. What is it? Knowing the volumetric weight allows you to know exactly what you are shipping. It takes dimensions and weight, so the volume of the product into account. Indeed, parcel dimensions and weight are important to optimize transport by bike or in small spaces, but the volumetric weight is also becoming more common for export and local deliveries.

The volumetric weight is calculated as follows: VW = Length x Width x Height (cm) / F, where F is the conversion factor used by the transport provider (from 4,000 (250 kg/m3) to 6,500 (150 kg/m3)).

Shipping solutions

In order to control your margins and your shipping costs by choosing between weight and volumetric weight, we offer several solutions for shipping operations, through our dimensioning systems and DWS systems. The CubeTape is also useful here to quickly read the weight and dimensions of a package. DWS Shipping Quanta software allows you to compare weight and volumetric weight. Finally, the KHT CartonScan is a high-end solution to capture with high speed the volume and weight of your package, thanks to integrated weighing scales and scanning systems.

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