Precia molenFood-processing industry

Food-processing industry

From incoming product management to pre-shipping labeling, here are Precia Molen’s weighing solutions designed for the food-processing industry.

Advantages of our weighing solutions for food-processing industry:

  • Organize receiving operations and storage of raw materials
  • Perform quality control with checkweighing or sampling
  • Comply with regulations on pre-packaged goods
  • Carry out formulas
  • Perform weight checks
  • Label your finished products according to the applicable regulations

In the food-processing industry, traceability guarantees food safety, whether it be quantitative or qualitative. Precia Molen offers a wide range of weighing and control solutions for each stage of your production. Our products are designed in compliance with the regulations applicable to the food-processing industry.

Ensure the traceability of raw materials right from their entrance on your site! Our weighbridges and our weighing platforms allow you to know the exact weight of the products you receive.

Then, organize the unloading and the storage of your food products. Our platforms (measurement channels, load cells, or crane scales) and our weight indicators ensure the close monitoring of your stocks. Our precision scales and laboratory scales help you with sample analysis, a key step in your quality process.

food and drink industry

To meet the specific needs of pre-packaged goods production, Precia Molen offers two solutions:

  • Sample control with our SQC software, available on computer, indicator, or even on a tablet. It helps you with the statistical control of your production.
  • 100% control with our checkweighers which meet every requirement for high-speed, high-accuracy dynamic weighing.

We also offer various labeling weighing solutions for the food-processing industry, automatic or manual.

To meet every hygiene and cleanliness requirements in the food-processing industry, Precia Molen products are available in stainless steel versions.

Receipt / storage

Management of incoming products    Management of incoming products:  Weighbridgedriver terminals weighing management software


load cell CMI-INT  load cells, indicators, software, automation, overhead track scales, wall receptors, stainless steel interfaces, floor scales


LS laboratory scales range  Sample analysis: laboratory scales


indicator i40 EDU    Storage of raw materials : Load cells, indicators and field bus interfaces

Quality and regulatory monitoring of statistics

LS laboratory scales range  Sampling: laboratory scales



Statistical Quality Control application SQC  A regulatory check of a pre-packed product batch: SQC application


load cell CMI-INT  A regulatory check of 100% of a pre-packed product batch: load cells


 quality control for food industry  Checkweighers



indicator  Automatic recipe control: Load cells, indicators, transmitters, field bus interfaces, terminals, software


Access platform scale R1A - R1A-S  Process monitoring: Platforms, load cells, transmitters, field bus interfaces, terminals


load cell CMI-INT  Simple weight control: Platforms, load cells, interfaces



MRC Manual recipe control  Manual recipe control: MRC application


Packaging and shipment

MWL application : Manual Weigh-Labelling  Manual weigh-labelling: MWL application


laboratory scale PML 2000  Quality control on production sample: laboratory scales


Statistical Quality Control application SQC  A regulatory check of a pre-packed product batch: SQC application


Checkweigher CKW 710  Auto-fill in real time: platforms, indicators, checkweighers


Access crane scales & pallet trucks  Weighing pallet before shipping: pallets weighers


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