Precia molenPRECIA MOLEN test Laboratory

PRECIA MOLEN test Laboratory

PRECIA MOLEN has its own test laboratory. It is the first French manufacturer test laboratory affiliated to LNE within the framework of the OIML certification system for weighing electronics and instruments.

Testing is a key point in the development process of industrial products. Testing ensures that products meet the requirements and criteria defined at the outset. From design to legal metrology certification, our products are tested at every stage. In order to be able to carry out different tests in climatic conditions more easily, PRECIA MOLEN has equipped itself with a specific test laboratory.


Temperature and humidity tests


The PRECIA MOLEN test laboratory enables us to test the performance of our electronics and weighing instruments in climatic conditions (temperature and humidity). Two climatic chambers, one of 400l and the other of 20m3, allow us to test our products in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +60°C, with a humidity level that can reach 85% according to our needs.

The Research & Development department, via its “tests and validations” subdepartment, can test its prototypes as part of the development of PRECIA MOLEN projects. This direct and regular access allows us to save time in the design and development process of our new products or in the improvement of existing products.

PRECIA MOLEN Metrology Laboratory
PRECIA MOLEN Metrology Laboratory

An OIML Manufacturer Test Laboratory (MTL)


The PRECIA MOLEN test laboratory is the first French manufacturer test laboratory attached to the LNE under the OIML certification system. The laboratory’s activities are validated by the OIML in accordance with the international ISO 17025 standard and it can therefore carry out tests in the framework of legal metrology certifications.

The laboratory, commissioned by the LNE (in charge of legal metrology certifications in France) can therefore provide official test reports in temperature and humidity after specific tests defined by the OIML’s R76 standard for non-automatic weighing instruments.

For your temperature and humidity tests


The laboratory is located in the PRECIA MOLEN Group headquarters in Privas (Ardèche – France). Are you an industrialist looking for a test laboratory? Do you want to test the performance of your products under certain climatic conditions? The PRECIA MOLEN test laboratory welcomes you for private tests. You can contact the laboratory team by clicking here.

PRECIA MOLEN Metrology Laboratory
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