Precia molenTransport and logistics

Transport and logistics

Precia Molen offers weighing solutions (weight and volumetric weight) designed for logistics from reception to shipping through order preparation, throughout the entire movement of goods.

Advantages of our weighing solutions for logistics

  • Control your goods before shipping
  • Receive and control your pallets quickly
  • Optimize your WMS (Warehouse Management System) with reliable Masterdata
  • Have accurate and reliable packing information
  • Protect the health of your handling employees
  • Control your goods before shipping
  • Obtain the volumetric weight of your products in an instant
  • Avoid additional shipping costs and control your margins
logistics warehouse

The globalization of trade has continued to develop the logistics industry. This industry has been growing exponentially over the last 2 years, from 22 billion packages shipped worldwide in 2019 to over 120 billion in 2021. Optimizing supply chain processes is becoming essential.

Although we used to consider the weight as the main criterion for package shipping, knowing precisely the volume of the package we want to ship is now just as important. In the age of globalization and the increasing importance of the transportation industry, the criterion is thus no longer the weight alone: volumetric weight is becoming the reference. It’s important for logistics managers to know the volumetric weight in order to avoid additional costs in the transportation of goods, regardless of the modes of transport used. It includes transportation services that have limited space. 


Wether you run a logistics warehouse on your behalf or a third party (3PL provider), Precia Molen can help you simplify your processes and control your shipping costs. All our tools are available for trade use.

Check the conformity of your parcels before shipment with our checkweigher and thus limit customer returns and financial losses.

Manage the entry and weighing of vehicles, effectively control your goods receipts with our weighing platforms, pallet weighing solutions and indicators.

Collect your reference data with our tools that allow you to collect weight and/or volume data for each item, whether it is for your unitary or packaged products. From our connected platforms to our logistics MasterData range and our WAS weight acquisition software, we will support you in all your logistics management projects and in several spaces: production site, logistics warehouse

MasterData is your ally for robotization or automation project. It is an essential link in the supply chain, and it ensures a smooth transition between WMS and TMS. By MasterData we mean product identification, weight, dimensions, attributes (fragile, stackable), pictures; this allows a better traceability. In order to enable you data collection we offer various solutions: the CubeTape Digital Tape Measure and the KHT MultiScan solution. It is a new range to deal with supply chain evolutions.

Precia Molen parcel shipping

Reception and control of goods

Low profile platform scale R4 V SB AccessMaterial entry: pallet weighing / volumetric estimates: Load receptors

pallet truck TPN BPallet weighing: Pallet weighing

VS800 WeighbridgeVehicle weighing: Weighbridges, Driver terminals, In/Out management software

Weighing indicator: i25 TouchWeighing indicator: i25 Touch



CKW 410 LOG checkweigherDynamic weighing: CKW 410 LOG checkweigher


Balance postale PRECIA MOLENStatic weighingLoad receptors, Postal scales

pallet truck TPN BPallet weighing: Pallet weighing



CKW 410 LOG checkweigherDynamic weighing: CKW 410 LOG checkweigher


Balance postale PRECIA MOLENStatic weighingLoad receptors, Postal scales

Weighing indicator: i25 TouchWeighing indicator: i25 Touch


Data collection and management

CubetapeDimensioning Weighing Scanning – DWS: Cubetape – MasterData Collection Solution, MasterData Solution –  KHT MultiScan


Weigh2Control Weighing software: Weigh2control

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