Precia molenVehicle weighing and access control

Vehicle weighing and access control

Precia Molen offers various solutions to suit your needs, including access control, weighbridges, entrances and exits. Our dedicated software allows you to manage access control and weighing for added security.

Advantages of our vehicle weighing and access control solutions

  • Secure your production facilities
  • Control vehicle and material entry and exit
  • Streamline traffic to your sites
  • Facilitate the work of your operators


Access Control

Controlling access to your facilities is the first part of your electronic security and quality control system; as such, it is essential to have the right access control system for your needs.

Precia Molen offers various access management solutions that help increase site security while facilitating the work of operators with “contactless” identification systems: access badge, license plate reader, RFID or NFC.

Vehicle Weighing scales

Once they arrive at your facility, vehicles transporting goods need to be weighed. The weighbridge is the best solution for vehicle weighing.

No matter what range of vehicles you are weighing and what you want to use your weighbridge for, Precia Molen has the right solution for you.

Modular, portable, steel or concrete weighbridges, our teams can help you choose the right one for your needs.

Our dedicated equipment and software

To complement your vehicle access control and weighing systems and to improve site safety, Precia Molen also offers a range of weighing equipment accessories (traffic lights, barrier, wheel guides, etc.) and weighing indicators.

In order to manage the various components, we provide access control and weight management software for multi-bridge and multi-site management. Truckflow software facilitates the daily work of your operators.

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