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Vehicle weighing and access control

PRECIA MOLEN puts at your disposal know-how based on more than 50 years of experience in installing tens of thousands of weighbridges throughout the world.

And to manage the access on your site, discover our large range of driver terminal. Our latest innovations in the service of your entry/exit management!

From the design to the manufacture in our manufacturing plants, from the platform to the heart of the system, the load cell and the weighing software for your business, to the self -service weighing terminals, PRECIA MOLEN offers a comprehensive range of solutions for truck, lorry, wagon, and road-rail weighing.


Comprehensive range of weighbridges that meets the specific requirements of your line of business and the constraints of your environment.

Weighbridges softwareRange

Driven by our know-how and experience of industrial weighing applications installed all over the world, we can offer professional solutions as software modules for various industries: environmental protection, gas, extraction, etc.

Weighbridges accessoriesRange

To layout your site, our offer can be complemented with numerous accessories.
Automatic barriers, guardrails, video and photo cameras, traffic lights and other decelerators can complete your installation.

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