Precia molenIndustrial weighing scales

Industrial weighing scales

PRECIA MOLEN offers you its expertise and know-how based on more than 60 years of experience in the sale and installation of industrial scales. Discover our range of laboratory scales, weighing platforms and indicators!


Benefits of our industrial scales:

  • Complete or modular instruments to suit your needs
  • Compact tabletop or floor scales
  • Stainless steel scales for sensitive environments
  • Weighing solutions adapted to your business

Finding the perfect weighing instrument for your business can be complicated. PRECIA MOLEN’s wide range of industrial scales allows you to find the weights and measures solution that best suits your needs. Simple weighing operations, quality control, floor scales or pallet scales, you’ll find the right weighing machines in our catalog!

Custom weighing instruments

No matter what weighing operations your production process requires, you will always find a PRECIA MOLEN instrument that meets your needs! Our heavy duty scales cover a wide range of capacities, from 0.01g to several tons, and are available in different forms: movable compact scales – mains powered or with a rechargeable battery -, platforms to be placed or floor scales, laboratory scales for your internal controls.

PRECIA MOLEN platforms are available in various versions and can connect to any digital weighing indicator from our industrial ranges. This means you can design your own customized weighing tool! Choose the platform with the right range and interval for your application and connect it to the scale electronic which will display and process the weighing data that is important to you. From simple, quick weighing operations to formulation control or data export and processing, the PRECIA MOLEN controller ranges offer great readability and ease of use. Indicators can be installed on certain platforms or can be remote if needed.

A solution designed for your environment

Because industrial weighing is not limited to platform weighing, PRECIA MOLEN offers a wide range of overhead scales, weighing bars and pallet trucks. Easily manage your weighing and storage operations at the same time with crane scales and control your goods in reception, in shipment or during your inventories with our pallet scales.

All our platforms are available in a stainless steel version, in order to meet the regulatory requirements of the most sensitive environments such as the food industry or the chemical industry. Stainless steel platforms make cleaning operations easier.

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