Precia molenCheckweighers: Dynamic Weight Control Solutions

Checkweighers: Dynamic Weight Control Solutions

Precia Molen has the right weighing technology for your needs, whatever your production. Our dynamic checkweighers are designed to sort products of various weights and formats.


Our checkweighers benefits:

  • Control or acquire your products weight
  • Avoid non-conformities
  • Reduce disputes with your customers
  • Control your production process
  • Control the production costs


What type of control with a checkweigher?

Getting equipped with a high precision checkweigher is very useful for acquiring and controlling the weight of your products without stopping production, particularly for checking prepackaged products, checking tolerances and checking for missing products.

For example, prepackaged products must contain a strictly defined quantity according to current legislation. The dynamic checkweigher is the ideal tool for checking prepackages without interrupting the production. With a checkweigher system, you have the guarantee to produce accurate products with the accurate weight.

The dynamic checkweigher can also be used for tolerance weight checks as part of internal quality control. This ensures that the product contains the correct weight. There is no under or overdosing which could lead to product giveaway and additional costs in production.

Finally, the insertion of a checkweigher at the end of the line, before the final packaging, can be useful for the control of missing products. Indeed, checking, with a 100% control, that there has been no loss during production, such as a broken bottle, for example, helps limit customer returns and protects the brand image.


A Checkweigher adapted to your activity

Precia Molen checkweighers have different load cells and different ejection modes according to the type of products to be checked (weight, formats, fragility), so the products quality is preserved.

The speed of the line can also be adapted to the rate of the products, like that, you have the quality assurance to obtain a fast and accurate product weight.

To ensure that our dynamic scales fit perfectly into your production line, our customer project department can adapt our checkweighers: by raising or lowering the scale, by adding protective sidewalls, by adapting the type of belts or by adapting the checkweigher design material, for example. Our teams can thus provide you with the accurate checkweighing solution for the dynamic weighing of products on your production line.

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