On board weighing

On board weighing systems for industrial vehicles.

They allow the production and handling of your products, as well as the traceability of your sales with the transfer of all your weighing operation data.

The easiest entry-level solution on the market.

It is suitable for all your internal weight control applications.




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Helper M : On board weighing system

It is the versatile solution in the range that meets the majority of your onboard weighing needs.

The legal for trade certification of this product allows you to carry out a commercial transaction.

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Millennium 5 : On board weighing system

Thanks to the wireless links of the MILLENNIUM and HELPER X electronics, it is possible to send all your production and load data in real time to a database.

All these data are managed by the Ipotweb software and are accessible in real time.

This software will allow you to follow in real time all the weighing operations of your production sites. You can also export your data to invoicing software.

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Ipotweb software

Smartphone application based on the reuse of data from the Ipotweb software.

It will allow you to follow your production in real time wherever you are.

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ipotap available on google play and app store
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