Precia molenUser Interfaces and Display Devices

User Interfaces and Display Devices

Designed and manufactured in France, the PRECIA MOLEN range of weighing terminals and transmitters offers a very high level of performance and technical characteristics that enable them to be perfectly integrated into all industrial installations.


The benefits of our user interfaces and weighing terminals

  • Touch screen interfaces for the i25 and I700, customizable and easy to use
  • Possibility to program certain indicators according to your needs and habits
  • Quality materials that can withstand the constraints (dust, water projection…) depending on the model
  • The weight repeaters have a display adapted to your environment, indoors and outdoors
  • Our range also includes equipment for use in Ex areas

PRECIA MOLEN develops and manufactures a human-machine interface, designed to facilitate the user experience. Manufactured in France, our weighing indicators offer a high level of measurement reliability. The materials used, such as stainless steel, ensure their robustness and resistance to climatic hazards and conditions of use (waterproofing, water, dust, etc.).

PRECIA MOLEN offers assistance with preventive maintenance and system monitoring. These interfaces provide weighing data for management or automation applications with modern links (Ethernet, field bus, Bluetooth, WIFI, etc.). As for the repeaters, they allow a remote display of the weight measurement, in compliance with the regulations.


Simple weighing operations

The interface design is intended to be simple and intuitive. Some interfaces have a touch screen. From batch weighing to weighbridge weighing, several models are available: i25 Touch, i5, i20, i30, i35, i40. As each core business has its own specificities, we have chosen to make our weighing terminals customizable, and to allow you to quickly access the main applications that you will be using.


Programmable indicators and business software

PRECIA MOLEN also offers programmable weighing electronics. These terminals can be equipped with activity-specific software such as dosing, weighing management, formulation, statistical control of prepackages, and manual labeling. You can customize the interface and the applications. The programming interface adapts to your needs, with easy access to the applications you use the most.



Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, our weight displays allow drivers to see their goods’ weight without getting out of their vehicle, or operators to see the weight when the main display is not visible, thanks to a remote display. Our weight repeaters can detect several protocols such as Arpege, Mettler, Bruss, Bilanciai…

Indoors or outdoors, our two models, the d20 weight repeater and the D570 adapt to your needs and space constraints. The d20 can be placed on a desk or in a control cabinet. A double-sided model of the D570 repeater is available for weighbridges that are used in both directions.

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