Bulk dosing

The simpler way to retrieve a product from storage respecting the flow rate value (set point) needed by your process, is to use a feeder. Depending on the maximum flow rate value and the granular size of the concerned product the most common types of feeder are belt feeder, screw feeder or Loss in Weight feeder.

Depending on the accuracy your application requires, these feeders could be based on weighing or volumetric principle. From 300 mm up to 2 m wide belt for flow rates from a few kg/h up to 1 000 t/h, with center to center distance from 800 mm up to 10 m, painted or stainless steel for food industry, the feeder you need is existing into PM range or can be designed to fully match your project needs.

Gravimetric dosingRange

In industrial processes, as soon as the level of accuracy becomes lower than +/- 1 % and down to 0,25 %, only a gravimetric feeder can match your expectations. Regular feeders are based on strain gauges load cells in order to offer the most cost-effective solution.

In blending application, the achievable accuracy with volumetric feeders is not easy to estimate: to help with this situation, PM range integrates an original model of volumetric belt extractor (VBE) which can be twisted in a glance into a weighing extractor (WBE) by the simple addition of an external weighing frame.

Dosing electronic systemsRange

Because every plant has its own organization, we offer several possibilities of controller management: Stand Alone cabinet including weighing controller and VFD installed locally; blind box on site with the controller remotely installed in the control room ; Local weighing controller in tightened cabinet with all the VFD and analog and digital I/O in electricals substation.

Whatever your architecture is, we can adapt our equipment and design the exact tool which will fulfill your expectations.

Volumetric dosingRange

When the accuracy requested by your dosing application is not the key point, using volumetric feeders makes the solution more cost-effective.

Depending on the flowability of the product and the value of the Flow rate to ensure, the volumetric feeder can be a motorized discharge gate (MDG range), a belt extractor (VBE range) or a coupling of both pieces of equipment.

An interesting in-between solution is to use together with a volumetric device as an MDG slide gate and an I 410 controller which embedded DGC application software will of course not manage any weighing measurement but will allow to execute and memorize volumetric calibration curve.

Soft BlendingRange

A blending line is most of the time combining several types of the feeder (volumetric & gravimetric, belt & slide gate, etc.) to dose the different components of the recipe with the addition of a belt weigher to deliver the requested quantity (setpoint) of blended product at the load-out station.

Each element of the blending line is driven by its PLC but a supervision software as our DataBlend is needed to calculate the moment to start and stop the motor of the feeders involved in the produced recipe in order to respect the due proportions.

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