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Chemical Industry

Weighing systems are used for process control purposes in all areas of the chemical industry: petrochemicals, fertilizers, intermediates, fine chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc. Weighing systems are at the core of your process controls. In all these segments, PRECIA MOLEN’s offering covers your weighing needs for each step of your operations: R&D, storage, reaction and formulation, separation, purification, quality control and shipping.

Advantages of our weighing solutions in the chemical industry:

  • EX-certified equipment
  • Easy to clean solutions (STAINLESS STEEL)
  • Secure transactions (Legal Metrology certification)
  • High-capacity load cells for your reactors and vessels
  • Specific process/ applications software

The measurement and control of chemical processes are at the heart of many industries essential for business and human life: petrochemicals, fertilizers, commodity chemicals, specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Our weighing solutions can be adapted to your simple or highly advanced production processes.

Certified solutions

When it comes to fine or commodity chemicals, you cannot compromise on the quality and accuracy of your weighing solutions. All PRECIA MOLEN’s solutions for the chemical industry are EX-certified for use in sensitive and explosive environments in any industrial setting. Our stainless-steel versions, available on all our products, guarantee easy-to-clean tools that meet the highest safety standards.


With you at each step of your process

Research and development, raw material reception and storage, production and formulation, product quality control, packaging and shipping – your needs vary depending on the process step. PRECIA MOLEN understands this and has designed innovative and safe solutions for the chemical industry that support you throughout your operations.

Benefit from the high precision of our laboratory scales or precision scales to perform quality control on samples at raw materials reception. Our weighbridge ranges and their accessories (access control and weighing terminals, traffic lights, etc.) help you control material flow and manage input/output data within your facility.

Solid chemicals, such as fertilizers, can be conveyed on belt scales or conveyor scales. Liquids can be weighed into tanks with our weighing load cells for chemical industrial processes. These same load cells can also be used for manual or automatic formulation operations for batch processing (dosing, mixing, draining, etc.).

These solutions enable clear, accurate traceability of your raw materials, final products and by-products or waste ensuring that your material balance is accurate and secure.

Finally, PRECIA MOLEN helps you ship your products: from pallet scales to checkweighers for dynamic weighing and checking heavy loads. Our solutions allow you to perform in-process quality control:  uncertainty tolerance, missing article, or out-of-specification controls. Measure, optimize your process and increase productivity!

Weighing in the chemical industry
weighing solutions for the chemical industry

Software thought for your industry

PRECIA MOLEN has developed specific software and applications for the chemical industry to enable weighing data reporting and processing, precise compliance with formulation recipes, and production traceability.

Truckflow allows you to control the weighing of incoming and outgoing trucks as well as inbound and outbound operations. The data collected can be automatically synchronized with your ERP to track deliveries and control invoicing. And because safety is a key point on your site, the weighbridge management software also manages the peripherals of your weighbridges, such as traffic lights.

On the process side, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) or Databulk BS monitoring software monitors weighing on belt scales or weighing conveyors in real time.

Specifically developed for formulation operations, SDU (single-product formulation) and MDU (multi-product formulation) dosing applications are installed on our I 410 controller, the flagship programmable weighing indicator for harsh industrial environments and hazardous areas.

PRECIA MOLEN proposes WINMIX to automate and manage your complex batch recipes. Create your production orders manually or import them from your ERP: Winmix recipe automation software puts them into production! Keep track of data and improve the traceability of your raw materials and active ingredients used in your finished products.

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