Bulk Continuous Weighing

Our range of belt scales is designed to meet your requirements to weigh online, products from powder up to 500 mm blocks, on conveyors up to 3 m wide belt, running at a speed up to 6 m/s handling flow rates up to 20 000 t/h.

In addition, a wide range of extractors, volumetric as well as gravimetric, belt or screw based, in standard size or duly customized to fit your production line constraints, allows you reaching the accuracy level needed by your process.

Through dedicated software, you will drive all the applications you want as truck pre-loading in open or tightened circuit, food processing, mixing plant, dosing or automatic loading in Legal for Trade as per OIML R50 requirements.

Need to upgrade an old scale to get an up-to-date instrument? Basic or complex, single or multi-channel, stand-alone or in communication with your site management tool, our range of weighing electronics will get the answer.

Belt scalesRange

Depending on accuracy goal, environment constraints or budget availability, the belt weigher will meet your expectations in different ways.

To be sure to perfectly match your needs, our Belt Scale range exist in baked powder coated sheets, stainless steel for food industry or seashore, galvanized steel for fertilizer, with 1, 2 or 4 load cells carrying 1, 2, 3, 4 or more idlers-stations which can simply be of pitched handling type or specifically designed for weighing purpose with embedded rollers alignment devices.

Belt speed conveyor measurementRange

There is several types of speed measurement, each of them having advantages & limits.

Because every installation has its specific goal and particular constraints, we offer 6 different speed measurement devices: 2 adapted to weigh belt-feeders (digital encoder on tail drum, tag inserted in between the belt plies), 4 dedicated to belt-weighers (pulses taken either on tail drum, under carrying belt, above return belt or through our EG-BS electro generator).

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