Precia molenBulk Continuous Weighing System

Bulk Continuous Weighing System

Precia Molen supports you in the continuous weighing of your bulk products with a wide range of belt scales, weighing conveyors and software solutions to help you track and optimize your operations.

Benefits of our bulk continuous weighing solutions:

  • Dynamic Bulk Weighing
  • Convey material to storage locations
  • Retrieve and analyze data from belt weighing
  • Monitor your weighing operations

When your operation requires an accurate weighing of undefined quantity of material in motion, you need a continuous weighing solution for bulk products. This type of weighing is used in almost every industry, including quarrying, food processing and waste management. Belt scales are also used in truck or wagon loading and unloading as well as for conveying materials to storage areas, such as silos.

Precia Molen offers a wide range of solutions for continuous weighing, consisting of scales specially designed for weighing on conveyor belts, weighing conveyors and electronics to control your weighing operations. To collect your data, process it in real time and improve your weighing process control, dedicated belt weighing software and applications are available for smartphones and PCs.

Continuous weighing scales

Continuous weighing consists of weighing undefined quantities of material with weighing belts. This is referred to as belt weighing. Belt scales, support the belts on which your products will rest and continuously weigh the flow of material, informing you of the exact weight of the products transported from one point to another. Precia Molen offers various belt scales suitable for your every need.

Control your continuous weighing operations

In order to totalize production on your belt scales and weighing conveyors, one or more indicators need to be installed on your continuous weighing system, also known as weighing electronics. In addition to continuous weight – which is still important – you can act on the scales, ensure their proper operation, and retrieve weighing data for storage and analysis. These weighing electronics connect your belt scales to your computer system.

Real-time production monitoring

To meet your real-time monitoring needs, Precia Molen has developed a mobile application specifically for belt weighing. Weigh2Flow allows you to monitor your scales production from your smartphone.

Need more than just monitoring? Precia Molen offers belt-weighing supervision software that allows you to centralize data from all your scales equipped with weighing electronics and control it remotely.

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