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Bulk Discontinuous Weighing

“As soon as you need a fast Flow measurement with high accuracy, the solution is an on-line discontinuous weigher as called Bulk Weigher or Bulk Scale.

PM designs and manufactures Bulk Weighers since 1892 and can assist with all your projects of process dosing as well as load-in / load-out operations.
Suitable for all types of free-flowing products, our Automatic Bulk Scales cover a wide range of flow from 10 up to 4 000 m3/h and exist in both Safe or Explosion proof version.

All models are driven by the renowned I410 control system loaded with its dedicated ABS software and can be used for Trade purpose.”

Automatic Bulk Scales Range

PM range offers ABS systems having 2, 3 or 4 electronic Load Cells weighing round, square or rectangular hoppers, made of coated or stainless steel sheets, having plastic or ceramic anti-wear plates, using 1, 2, 3 or 4 pivoting, turning or sliding gate(s), pneumatically or hydraulically actuated to fit all the specification of your technical requirements.

They reach their best with the unique SCS redundancy device which executes a double weighing of the batches avoiding, therefore, any accuracy drift.

Discontinuous Weighing Controllers Range

The reknown I 410 Control system is equipping all PM hopper scale ranges with its dedicated I410 ABS application software.

The TB Transmitter fitted on the Scale frame is including an A/D converter which converts the Load Cells Signal locally so that the weight information passed to the remote I 410 Terminal in your control room is digital instead of Analog which suppresses all the electromagnetic disturbances created by every industrial environment.

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