The new PLC developed by IER for mail and parcels

2 generations of self-service developed by IER for mail and parcels, 2 generations of weighing scales, delivered in several thousand models:


  • LISA 2 was originally equipped with IRIS4, which was not ideal in terms of integration. IRIS4 is now replaced by IRIS 50 LISA2.




  • With NABUCCO comes the need for specific development:

    While the size of counter scales is reducing (platform size 240x200mm for IRIS 50), requirements for PLCs are increasing to 400x400mm. IRIS NABUCCO has integrated the electronic modules built for a new generation of counter scales IRIS50, coupled with mechanics designed to simplify installation inside the PLC.

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PRECIA MOLEN has developed IRIS NABANCO for this project:


  • NABANCO who will be deployed in large volumes from October 2015, introduces among other things contactless payment and access to banking operations.

    • More user-friendly and comfortable operator interface.
    • The use of new technologies, acquisition costs and limited assets. NABANCO definitely has a promising future.

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A modular device and an ergonomic remote display ease the integration inside the PLC. A product from our i range, it offers excellent readability. The low-size mechanical part introduces anodized aluminum into the platform. The platform is fitted with a regulatory marking and spirit level display.

– Metrological specifications: dual-range 0-3kg/1g and 0-10kg/5g

– USB link to the PC’s PLC.