Precia molenCOVID 19


March 16, 2020

Many countries are currently taking steps to limit the spread of the Covid 19 Pandemic. In this context, PRECIA MOLEN has implemented a specific organisation to ensure the protection of our employees, customers and partners at the same time as maintaining our commitments towards all of you as far as is possible.

All our activities are maintained and our employees will remain available to answer your questions and to continue to follow your projects. Any meetings will take place using Skype or other video calling systems rather than by direct contact, of course.

We are all aware that this situation is unprecedented for everybody. We are convinced that the sense of responsibility, solidarity and close collaboration are the key to overcoming this pandemic.

You may be sure that you can count on us all to stand by you during this difficult period.

Your usual contacts remain at your disposal to answer all your questions.

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