Precia molenHopper scales sent to Sudan.

Hopper scales sent to Sudan.

April 10, 2017

Four new ABS XL 04 SCS ATEX hopper scales have left last week for Sudan in a flat-rack container.


They headed to Port-Soudan, main port in the country, located on the Red Sea, 700 km from the capital city, Khartoum.



Financed by the Agriculture Bank of Sudan, they will be installed under silos and used to supply the Port-Soudan region with wheat and sorgho (protein-rich and starch-rich gluten-free cereal).

Our ABS XL hopper scales are designed to weigh granular dry produces and are therefore particularly adapted to the high-accuracy weighing of cereals. They are supplied with an I410 ABS control terminal that has been specifically developed to offer non-constant weigh discontinuous totalling functions, in compliance with legal for trade regulations.

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