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Indicator i40 JB

May 10, 2016

The i40 indicator has been designed to easily integrate with any industrial process involving weight measurement.


This capacity has two main aspects:




The i40 JB new version has been designed for applications with local weight processing and display.

Classic installations require a junction box that sums up signals coming from load cells and a connection cable between the box and the indicator.


This multiplication of connections is costly as connections have to comply with various requirements (water sealing, electromagnetic resistance, etc.).


It is also complex to install: fastening of the various elements, installation and protection of cables …

Following these observations, the idea to integrate load cell connections and the indicator into one single box emerged.


The i40 JB is IP66 protected, with a local display and accommodates all the options that are available on the other housing versions.


Download our Technical file i40

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