Nomination of new members to the Group Management Board

July 16, 2021

On 17th June 2021, the Supervisory Board officially appointed three new members to the PRECIA SA Management Board (Directoire) as at 1st July 2021.


Please welcome:

▶Gilles Faurie: Chief Operating Officer (COO), R&D and Special projects
▶Sébastien Longelin: Chief Operating Officer (COO) International affairs
▶Eric Meynard: Chief Operating Officer (COO) Finance and Administration


PRECIA MOLEN - Nomination of new members to the Group Management Board


The Management Board will remain chaired by René Colombel.


“This expanded Management Board will ensure the continuity of the existing one while strengthening our internal governance bodies. Its members will participate, under the chairmanship of René Colombel, in decisions on the strategic development of the company and in particular: acquisitions, substantial changes in organisation, recruitment of directors, major investments …” declared Anne-Marie Escharavil, Chairwoman of the Group’s Supervisory Board on the occasion of these appointments.


We wish them every success in their new responsibilities!

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