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Packaging Exhibition

October 15, 2014

PRECIA MOLEN, the industrial and sales weighing expert, will disclose the I410, the latest evolution of its industrial weighing systems and dynamic weighing solutions during the Paris Packaging Exhibition Location: 5a D 085 – 17th to 20th November 2014 – Parc-Nord Villepinte

  From transformation to packaging and storage, weighing plays a crucial part in the optimisation of flow management. PRECIA MOLEN designs, manufactures and installs a large range of weighing and packaging solutions for food and non-food applications.   Both a PLC and a weighing system designed to integrate in all industrial processes (silo weighing, batch dosing, packaging – drum filling, bagging, emptying or discharging flow regulation, checkweigher, dynamic weighing and dosing, hopper scale…), the I410 indicator is more than a mere weight indicator but a true programmable terminal that integrates various industrial applications, with greater ergonomics and more features than its predecessor – the I400.   Its purpose is ensuring the correct unfolding of the weighing operation, including the management, checking and command of the various transmitters and peripherals that are connected to it. Conceived to be as universal as possible, it enables communication with the main field buses on the market (Profibus, DeviceNet, Ethernet Modbus-TCP and EtherNet/IP). The  I410 indicator now integrates a much more powerful and faster 32-bit processor and is therefore more efficient when used. Endowed with a more readable display with a new backlighting technology, and an alphanumeric keyboard, the I410 offers maximum comfort to its users. The addition of two new alphabet fonts (Farsi and Cyrillic) makes it available to a wider range of operators in their own mother tongues.   CKW 410 LOG checkweigher, exclusively for the Exhibition Benefitting from the technological advances of the I410, the CKW410 LOG checkweigher perfectly meets weighing requirements for automatically conveyed products. It appears as a particularly cost-effective solution when monitored by a PC or remote PLC. Shown in exclusivity during the Exhibition, it will come with PRECIA MOLEN’s other dynamic weighing instruments:

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