Precia molen Automatic formulation I410 MDU - Multiple Dosing Unit Software

I410 MDU – Multiple Dosing Unit Software

I 410 MDU software is suitable for most manufacturing processes for a finished or semi-finished product comprising different components in the proportions defined in a formula. This software can process the automatic creation of each of the doses with weight-based checks and stock management, providing complete manufacturing traceability.

The I 410 MDU software system can be used in many sectors such as:

  • Agri food
  • Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • The chemical industry, etc.
  • Management of 1 to 2 weighing bins.
  • Identification of batches of primary matter and finished products.
  • Description of formulas per type of operation:
  • Automatic dosing: Creation of the dose via actuator control;
  • Manual dosing: Manual creation of the dose by the operator; visual monitoring via a bargraph;
  • Timeout: Suspension of the cycle depending on programmed times and actuator control (e.g.: stirring cycle);
  • Discharge: Possibility for intermediate and/or global cycle-end drainage (batch).

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