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Volumetric / weight-based belt extractor VBE / WBE

The VBE / WBE volumetric / weight-based belt extractor allows dosing of all granular products, from sand to ballast.

VBE model volumetric doser allows ensuring an extraction flow of bulk product stored in a silo or stock pile. It issuspended under the silo or tunnel. The extraction rate can be fixed or variable; the products to be dosed can be wet or dry, free-flowing or difficult to extract.
For applications requiring high precision, an intermediate weighing framework transforms the VBE volumetric doser VBE into the WBE weight-based doser.
Combined with other extractors – VBE, WBE or MDG – these dosers allow a granular recomposition.
The VBE or WBE extractor can be equipped with a motorized discharge gate.


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