I 410 WMU (Weighing Management Unit) Weighbridge weighing software

The WMU Weighbridge weighing software ensures the management of any vehicle (road or railway) that requires weighing carried material.
 It manages up to 3 weighbridges (2 physical weighbridge and 1 summation bridge) with different capacities/divisions that combine accuracy and maximum capacity.
 Its design offers 4 simultaneous operating modes:

• Weighing management in single-weigh (one passage) with tare entry or memorised tare recall.
• Weighing management in dual-weigh (two passages).
• Vehicle loading or unloading in gross weight or net weight.
• Cumulated wagon weighing management.

Installed on any I 410 terminal, the man/machine interface enables to easily tailor your weighing station according to your needs:

• Possible configuration of numerous files:
– vehicle (tare and PTAC),
– company (3 companies),
– 4 files dedicated to your application (products, clients, recipients, suppliers, drivers, etc…) up to 400 references per file.

• Complete ticket configuration.

• Traffic light management for the regulation of vehicle inputs/outputs on the weighbridge (digital I/O module in option).

The internal back-up of weighing results (up to 2500), the display of vehicle traffic (weighed in input but not in output) the cross totalling function and the back-up/restoration of all settings files perfectly meet the traceability requirements of your site exploitation.

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