PRECIA MOLEN has been designing and manufacturing hopper scales since 1867 and can assist with your loading and unloading operations or with the internal transfer of bulk product.

Our experience in the weighing of bulk products has allowed us to develop a range of hopper scales extending from 30 to 4000 m³/h, with EC certification to meet the requirements of the applicable machinery standard, and EX certification to allow scales to be installed in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Our hopper scales can be used to weigh a wide range of dry granular products, which flow well, such as cereals, cake, wood pellets, waste and many derived products.

After a feasibility study, specific models are available for fertilizers, sugar, liquids, coal, mineral ores, etc.

Our hopper scales are built to last, robust and reliable, and fitted with ISO components ensuring long-term working order with little maintenance.

Our automatic bulk scales are available with the I 410 ABS control system.

  • Hopper Scales

    • Hopper scale ABS-X

      The automatic bulk scale ABS-X is designed for process weighing of dry granular free-flowing products, such as cereals.

    • Hopper scale ABS-XL

      Weighing of bulk products during loading, unloading, silo transfer, other transfers, etc. The ABS-XL hopper scale is particularly appropriate for use on food plants, and with storage and port silos...

  • Hopper scale software

    • Hopper scale software I 410 ABS

      The system equipped with I 410 ABS hopper scale software is the measuring and control device for PRECIA MOLEN hopper scales. The I 410 ABS system may also replace different indicators on existing installations...