Postal scales

With major production capacities and highly automated testing means we can help deploy large infrastructure projects. Our whole postal range has been approved and meet the highest regulatory requirements that come with weighing operations determining transport fees.


Those innovating solutions are perfectly adapted to meet present and future needs of postal organizations.

PRECIA MOLEN new modular range of postal scales, including various models of platforms and digital or graphic displays.

The Ci10/50-P range has been designed to interface with mailing IT systems. A modular approach allows for
different sizes and capacities to fit various counter configurations. Countertop and undercounter platforms with
or without built-in-display, along with fully graphic terminals are available.


  • 10, 20 or 30kg maximum capacity, with 1g legal for trade accuracy up to 3kg
  • Modern customer oriented interface with high contrast large digital and graphic displays
  • Low footprint
  • Low power consumption
  • Plate dimension: 240×200 mm to 500×400 mm depending on model
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mail scales Ci10-50-P

A 30kg capacity yet with the required accuracy for postal franking (1g from 0 to 3kg): this is the challenge we meet with our new postal scale.

« Handle with care » is not often the word when parcels are concerned. Our new range is protected from impacts by a new patented system. The shock bumpers protect the loadcell from possible overloads thus providing long lasting reliability and accuracy .

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Postal scale for letters and parcels - PRECIA MOLEN

Scales can also be supplied as OEM weighing modules.

When integrated into mechanical structures designed in cooperation with equipment manufacturers, they offer the possibility to include the weighing function inside postal kiosks and lockers.

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OEM weighing modules
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