Postal scales

Our postal range is approved and meets the most stringent of regulatory requirements associated with transportation costs operations. These innovative solutions are perfectly suited to the present and future needs of postal services.

Benefits of our postal scales:

  • Weighing scales designed for postal services
  • Compliance with the strictest regulatory requirements
  • Accuracies specific to mail franking
  • Customizable graphic display

Capacity, special scales and stringent regulatory requirements: postal services require industrial scales specifically designed for letters and parcels franking.

Compact and modular postal scales

PRECIA MOLEN range of postal scales meet the requirements of their environment while integrating perfectly into sales outlets and post offices. Parcels and letters scales, take up minimal space, accurately weight and display weights. They are designed to interface with postal service information systems. Postal scales are available in various sizes and their modularity allows you to adapt them perfectly to your counter configuration: for example, the graphic display can be integrated or not. PRECIA MOLEN also offers a mail and parcel scale that allows you to weigh letters and parcels up to 30 kg directly at the counter.

OEM weighing modules for kiosks

Increasingly, users are franking their own mail and parcels from self-service kiosks in post offices. These kiosks require specific weighing platforms and user interfaces. Designed to match the layout of these machines, OEM weighing modules are easy to integrate, with a display that can be positioned to suit your needs. Simple weighing operations can then be handled on a self-service basis.

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