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Weight Machine Display : Slave Displays

Designed for all industrial applications, our repeaters allow you to display weight information or any other information related to the process. No need to get off the truck, the slave displays are made to facilitate the consultation of the weight of the goods, whether it is outdoors or indoors.


The benefits of our weight display repeaters

  • Remote display for outdoor use, up to 60 meters
  • High quality materials to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Double sided display possible for the D570
  • Digital display of analog size for the d20


What is a weight repeater?

When the weight is not easily visible on the terminal, it is necessary to present it to the user through a remote display, also called a weight repeater. This avoids, for example, drivers getting out of their vehicle, and ensures greater safety. It can also happen that the terminal is not easily accessible, and that it is too high, too low, or too far from the operator.

To check the weight of goods outdoors or indoors, PRECIA MOLEN offers a range of two repeaters: the D570 weight repeater and the d20 remote display.


Some specificities of our slave displays

The D570 allows a single or double-sided display depending on your needs, for example if you use a weighbridge with two-way entry. Its powerful display can be seen from a far distance, so there’s no need to get off the truck. It withstands the harshest industrial environments and weather conditions.

The d20 has a touch-sensitive keypad and can be used as a totalizing pulse counter or as a digital display of analog quantities (Volt (V), milliampere (mA)). It is available in Ex 2-21 IECEx version for installation in hazardous areas.

Our weight repeaters meet regulatory requirements and are compatible with many protocols, allowing them to work with most weighing indicators on the market.

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